Cleveland Attractions – Great Lakes Science Center

Cleveland Ohio is home to some great attractions for tourists and residents. There is the Cleveland Zoo, West Side Market and of course there is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you have kids there is one more attraction that is just as noteworthy. That place is the Great Lakes Science Center. Read this article and you will see what makes it such a great kid friendly attraction.

The Great Lakes Science Center is located in Cleveland near the lakefront and next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It is a 55 million dollar museum that teaches kids about science through the use of hands on interactive displays. There are over 320 different hands on experiments for children to experience on their visit. For example, there is “The Indoor Tornado.” This exhibit simulates an actual tornado. It stands over 8 feet tall and the kids are able to actually reach in and touch the tornado. Another exhibit is the “Shadow Room” which teaches kids about photoluminescence. Kids can learn why a watch can glow in the dark and how sea creatures are able to see each other in the deep ocean. Of course there is also the “Great Lakes Story” exhibit. It teaches kids about how the great lakes were formed and about all of the different creatures that live in it. They will learn about the area ecosystem and about how fragile it actually is. In addition to these exhibits there are several others to delight and entertain your children. This makes it a must see attraction that any kid will love. Check it out on your next trip to Cleveland.

If you would like to visit the Great Lakes Science Center you can find it at 601 Erieside Ave in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. For more information you can call the information line at 216-694-2000. Have fun.