Downtown Seattle Life Merging Natural Beauty and Cosmopolitan Living

When looking for a place to live, you cannot choose a more perfect place than downtown Seattle. A city on the rise, Seattle is fast becoming one of the most important economic hearts of the nation. While Seattle is growing in cosmopolitan appeal, it has still retained its important roots. As the center of the Pacific Northwest, it also is the icon and epitome of Northwest living. This means that the city is still relaxed and eco-friendly. Despite the bustle of downtown life, residents can still find peace and quiet in the surrounding greenery and fresh air.

Set in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, Seattle has been drawing new residents in flocks. Seattle is nestled between the saltwater of Puget sound to the west and the freshwater of Lake Washington to the east. Just over the water, residents of Seattle are graced with the breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains. With rich forests within view, combined with the topography of beaches, oceans, lakes and mountains, Seattle is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Living in downtown Seattle is an opportunity that should not be missed. Downtown life is perfect for families and seekers of night-life alike. The true city livers should consider Belltown, which is in the heart of Seattle and has some of the best bars, restaurants and dance clubs around. Living at the base of Capitol Hill means having easy access to Pacific Science Center, Seattle Children’s Theater, Key Arena and the Space Needle. Living close to the water means proximity to Pike Place Market, which is a draw for tourists and locals alike. With its market atmosphere and fresh produce, Pike Place is a hot spot for anyone looking for food and fun.

Brand new condos are springing up in downtown Seattle all the time. As the city grows, opportunities for affordable cosmopolitan living become more and more possible. With views of the ocean and the mountains beyond, the highest floors are understandably coveted. Luckily, however, Seattle has slopes and curves uphill away from the water, meaning more people can afford views that would otherwise never be available. There are also many homes and office buildings available directly on or with views of Lake Union, a similarly beautiful body of water to the east. Public beaches along the ocean and areas like Gasworks Park on Lake Union mean the anyone can have direct access to the water for swimming, boating, kayaking, and even fishing. Seattle is redoubtably on of the best places in the nation to spend the fourth of July, as Seattleites enjoy an incredible fireworks display over Lake Union, as well as shooting from the top of the Space Needle. Thousands gather at Gasworks Park on blankets and chairs, and boat owners take their sailboats and yachts directly under the amazing display.

The attitude and friendliness of downtown Seattle cannot be beat. Locals know that underneath the cement sidewalks and bustling shopping centers, a great heart beats. With the diversity, stunning natural beauty and true big-city living, Seattle is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for moving families, and seekers of the city life alike.