Learning is a Lot of Fun at Ft Lauderdale’s Museum of Discovery and Science

If there is anyone in your family who thinks that learning in general or science in particular, is tedious and boring, then they haven’t been to the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale. This is a museum with more than 200 interactive exhibits and special shows that compete with the best of Florida’s tourist attractions.

Promoting lifelong learning in science for children and adults through exhibits and programs is the mission of this museum and they do it in flying colors.

An example of the novelty and inventiveness of this place is a special exhibit that they are currently running. “Grossology, the impolite science of the human body” uses animatronics and other high-tech interactive exhibits to let you discover, in a humorous way, everything about the human body including warts, pimples, farts, belches and the like.

The museum offers a mix of special exhibits, like Grossology that rotate during the months and some permanent exhibits as well. The permanent exhibits will also capture the imagination of young and old alike. For example the Runways to Rockets exhibit hall has a new 4,000 square foot aviation station where visitors will be able to learn how to fly by actually stepping into a simulated cockpit. You will even be able to put on personal wings and step into an air tunnel and feel what flying is all about.

Another stand-out exhibition is the Living in the Everglades section of the museum. Here you will find an 11,000 square foot outdoor trail that highlights the different ecosystems of Florida. The indoor exhibit has interactive kiosks showing the importance of the Everglades, the effect of humans on the Everglades and current efforts to restore this eco-system to a healthy condition.

The discovery center section of the museum was especially designed for children seven years old and younger. Here they can climb a tree, build a wall or hoist a sale and experience the fun of learning how the world is put together.

For older folks, the Gizmo City section explains how things work, and how technology affects our lives. The highlight here is the virtual volleyball game.

One of the big block-buster features of the Museum is an IMAX movie theater with five story-high screens. The screen is said to be the biggest in southern Florida and measures sixty by eighty feet. The sound experience is also spectacular with 42 speakers belting out 15,000 watts of digital surround sound.

You can even bring home some of the fun of this museum by shopping in their Explore Store where you will find games, toys, books and gifts that express the themes of the museum.

The Museum is located in the Arts and Science District, across from Riverwalk’s Esplanade Park and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Admission prices are a modest $10 for adults (less for seniors and children) and a good buy is the $15 General admission ticket which gets you into the exhibits and one IMAX film show